• World Class Instruction

    Classes for Everyone - With busy work schedules, sometimes finding the right class can be a task in itself. We offer programs and classes for the ENTIRE FAMILY!

    Excellent Facility - We have designed a facility that will meet the needs of anyone. Our 4000sq ft academy has three training rooms, as well as a play room for young children.

    Family Atmosphere - Nobody want's to go unnoticed, everyone want's to be apart of something. Truth is you can only get so far by yourself, but when your apart of a team, you can move mountains.

  • How Were Different

    Our team of World Class Instructors are dedicated to your success and are focused on helping you achieve your goals. With decades of martial arts experience, you will not go wrong with Puyallup Brazilian Jiujitsu.

    Family Atmosphere - Feel apart of a family. We are not a "fight" gym or a "gym" at that, we are a family. You can only go so far by yourself, but with the support of your family, sky is the limit. No one sits on the bench at Puyallup BJJ.

    Proven Track Record: Systems that work!

  • Why Choose Puyallup BJJ

    World Champion Black Belt Instructor
    Only Royce Gracie Black Belt in WA
    Detailed Curriculum
    Family Friendly Atmosphere
    Maintains Traditional, Classical Martial Arts Values
    Wear any brand of Gi you want, no restrictions
    A Varied & Flexible Class Schedule
    Ongoing Classes for ALL Levels, Ages & Experiences
    Multiple Membership Options
    No Registration / Hidden Fee's
    Community Outreach Programs
    Women's Self Defense Seminars
    Bully Buster Workshops